Manufacture specialized designs requiring multiple operations and precise tolerances for tiny, round or tubular medical components.

Transform any tube or needle into the perfect part

Paragon Medical offers a full-service tubing shop that can produce needles, cannula and related parts up to 16 inches long and customize them to your specifications.

Since your workpiece may need one or more modifications, our tubing services include electropolishing, edge grinding, drilling, needle and hub assembly, needle flaring, grit blasting for injection molded devices and many more. These services leverage a broad line of in-house electro cutting machines, CNC point grinders and flaring machines to transform any tube or needle into the precision part you desire.

We also specialize in hypodermic tubing fabrication for medical and pharmaceutical applications. We work with stainless steel hypodermic tubing in your desired wall thickness and will customize needle size and tolerance to your specifications.

Tubing fabrication capabilities

Paragon Medical supports tubing fabrication for a variety of applications, including hypodermic tubing fabrication with services, capabilities, and expertise including:

  • Electrochemical grinding
  • Echogenic machining
  • End forming
  • Drilling
  • Special geometries
  • Electropolishing
  • Needle and hub assembly
  • Hypodermic tubing fabrication
  • Grit blasting and assemblies
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