Manufacturing Capabilities​

Our advanced engineering and production capabilities enable us to provide flexible solutions, allowing for partnership at any phase of the design and manufacturing process. With state-of-the-art equipment manned by personnel who know the critical nature of their work, we manufacture highly complex, multi-faceted medical components and products to exact specifications and tight tolerances.

Our manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to the services below. Contact us for more details.

Precision Medical Manufacturing

Paragon Medical regularly invests in the latest technology to provide customers with the most advanced capabilities on the market. Our investments and continuous improvement in technology, engineering expertise, and software allow us to hold very tight tolerances, offer custom work-holding design capabilities, and enhance programming, modeling, and engineering activities.

We can quickly and precisely machine even the most complex, multi-faceted components. We can handle bone fixation plates, trochanteric grip plates, spinal implants, screws, LVAD housings, pump impellers and more. Our grinding capabilities allow us to thread, flute, centerless, inner dimension and outer dimension contour. Because we can hold precise tolerances down to twenty millionths of an inch, we are able to create precise components for orthopaedic cutting tools that work exactly the way you had intended. In addition, our experienced polishers regularly achieve finishes to one microinch (40 millionths of an inch), while maintaining extremely tight tolerances.

Leverage our capabilities to get to market quickly with a device or implant that provides exceptional performance. Contact us to learn more or explore our product specialties below.

Product Specialties

Surgical Instruments

Including both reusable and single-use products, we manufacture a wide variety of surgical instruments.

BE-ST Surgical Knives

Our leading brand of surgical knives, including annulotomy knives, electro-cautery pencils, and more.

Implantable Components

From bone screws and spinal implants to knee implants, we offer both traditional and additive manufacturing for implants.

Drug Delivery Components

We specialize in drug delivery component manufacturing, including everything from complete medical product design & manufacturing to micro-sized parts and connected device components.

Medical Cases & Trays

We’re known for our case and tray manufacturing, which includes both contract and OEM services.

Specialty Products

We specialize in custom medical manufacturing. Learn more about our specialty products.