Drive performance in on-time delivery, lead time, and capacity utilization.

Our Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP) services integrates your supply chain signals directly into our production plan to enable a true external manufacturer partnership. As an integrated partner, we’ll adjust our production to meet your expected demand, proactively ramping up or scaling back so you always have the parts and products you need.

Sales, Inventory & Operation Planning Services:

  • Enable data driven supply chain conversations using high quality business analytics on a Power BI platform, visibility from SKU to product lines to total business
  • Harmonize multi-site manufacturing views for single customers
  • Enable clear transitions from launch planning to full-scale production planning
  • Enable mid- to long-term capacity planning for proactive, shared decision making
  • Allow us to detect and react quickly to changes in our customers’ business on a monthly basis
  • Creates a common language by following an industry standard, best practice SIOP cadence

Use our services to simplify the breadth, complexity, and scale required for your major medical device program.

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning Process

Product Launch Management

Monthly monitoring of RFQ and Quotes to insure we remain aligned to your new product plans across our network of manufacturing sites. We monitor across an 18 month time horizon to ensure the transition to full scale production is proactive.

Demand Review

Integrates your forecast by SKU, by month into our production plans across a 12-18 month time horizon. We detect forecast changes early to validate, understand, and proactively respond to changes in your business.

Supply Review

Transitions your forecast into hours at the machine and resource group level.  We identify gaps in demand & supply to create proactive gap closing activities together. Supply review looks across a time horizon of 12-18 months that allows us time to create the best solutions together.

Lead Time and On-Time Delivery

Lead time and on-time delivery are resultant of quality SIOP processes and partnerships. We monitor lead time and on-time delivery daily and expect the benefit of SIOP to continue delivering industry leading results.