Ensure components can be manufactured cost-effectively long before they hit the production line. Paragon Medical can help you validate and optimize your designs with quick turn and rapid prototyping.

Prototyping Services Overview

Component & Medical Device Prototyping

Prototyping helps identify potential design and production issues before full production starts. It helps save time, money, and stress, ensuring medical devices and instruments are not only of the highest quality, but are manufactured at the highest level of efficiency.

Paragon Medical partners with you to accomplish speed-to-market goals with rapid prototyping for medical devices that use the actual manufacturing and inspection steps that will be used for production runs. Our medical prototyping services allow for design verification and optimization for cost and manufacturability, taking you from validation to full scale production. We support our long-term relationships with the equipment and personnel necessary to create prototypes for engineering review in 3-5 days, depending on design complexity and materials.

Medical device prototyping image for additive manufacturing

Rapid prototyping products include springs, wire forms, stamped components, tubes and needles, plastic components, orthopaedic products, and product assemblies. Among others, Paragon Medical’s rapid prototyping includes services such as:

  • Medical device design consulting and engineering assistance
  • In-house 3-D printing, EDM services, and tool room
  • Manufacturing feedback

There is no minimum quantity order and no minimum fee for our medical device prototyping. Our prototyping services are designed to support your speed to market goals and design cycles so you can develop and produce the best solution. Contact us for details.

Rapid prototyping parts

Competitive Advantages

From start to finish, our engineers offer a broad range of expertise that increases the value you get from rapid prototyping. From component and assembly design, testing and metrology, our product development expertise and ability to manufacture rapid prototypes and support preliminary DV or pilot production builds will give you a competitive advantage. We are problem solvers who understand your project needs and requirements.

  • Multi-disciplined expertise to manage and support every aspect of product development and prototyping with a validated manufacturing process
  • Utilization of modeling software for development of rapid prototyping techniques
  • DV builds can be executed seamlessly during the development cycle
  • Customers can consolidate & reduce suppliers needed within the scope of their project

Interested in product development support? Along with medical prototyping, our design & development services solidify and optimize new product designs and help save substantial cost and time during the commercialization process. Contact us for details.