For nearly three decades, Paragon Medical has designed and manufactured custom and standard medical case and tray delivery systems that are used throughout the healthcare industry. Count on us for everything from upfront services to full production.

With Paragon Medical, you’ll enjoy cost-effective solutions from our worldwide design teams as well as reduced lead-time, thanks to our in-house engineering and automated manufacturing capabilities. Plus, choose from polymer, metal, or a hybrid (metal / polymer). From concept to the final product, we have the capabilities and experience to turn your project around quickly, accurately, and specific to your needs.

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Medical Delivery Systems - Cases & Trays

Product Types

We manufacture several different types of medical and surgical instrument cases and trays, including:

  • Aluminum & Stainless-Steel Cases and Trays
  • Closed Containers and Inner Trays
  • Polymer & Aluminum Implant Caddies
  • Radel Lids and Trays


Across our facilities, we use specialized manufacturing technologies to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality products and services. Our current medical instrument tray manufacturing processes include:

  • Metal fabrication
  • CNC machining
  • Polymer forming
  • Vertical manufacturing

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Medical Delivery Systems - Cases & Trays

Verification & Validation

We assist companies with verification and validation testing to get your product to market efficiently. We offer full testing coordination based off years of experience testing sterilization cases and trays. Paragon also offers a technical consultation to assist in developing a worst-case sterilization tray to validate all layouts in the project scope.

Our verification and validation services include

  • Verification and validation testing coordination
  • Worst-case assessment process
  • Design and development expertise
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) project capability

Design Validation

Design validation is established by objective evidence that device specifications conform with intended uses and/or user needs. Paragon Medical offers coordination of the following tests.

  • Manual cleaning
  • Sterilization (rigid container)
  • Shelf life
  • Automated cleaning
  • Sterilization (sterilization wrap)
  • Aerosol challenge

Requirements for validation and verification testing are based on the acceptable quality limit, ISO/AAMI/ANSI standards, and statistically valid rationale.

Design Verification

Design verification is confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled. Paragon Medical offers coordination of the tests below.

  • Lifecycle
  • Packaging
  • Stacking
  • Latch force
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Containment
  • Accelerated aging
  • Handle strength
  • Sharp edge
  • Distribution
  • Weight
  • Wrap compatibility

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Interested in our case and tray manufacturing or OEM services? Talk to an expert. Paragon Medical’s cases and trays have a strong reputation for quality that starts with a deeply experienced team. Contact us and we’ll connect you to the right expert who can help with you with surgical instrument cases, medical trays, or related needs.