PIERCETON, Indiana (September 5, 2023) – Paragon Medical, a global industry leader in medical device manufacturing, today announces the acquisition of Industrial Anodizing Inc., which specializes in the titanium type II and type III anodizing process.

The purchase of Industrial Anodizing Inc. will further increase Paragon Medical’s ability to offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and help accelerate new product development for ambitious medical manufacturers. Paragon has deep experience across a wide range of applications including implants, surgical instrumentation, single-use disposables devices and more. The acquisition of IAI will allow Paragon to continue to build a strong arsenal of manufacturing capabilities and services to better serve our broad client base.

Wil Boren, CEO of Paragon Medical shares, “Paragon is delighted to be acquiring a quality business like IAI to help move Paragon Medical forward in their never-ending pursuit to serve our customers well. Adding another core capability like titanium anodizing to our arsenal will enable Paragon Medical to continue to commercialize with excellence”.