Create complex geometries with multiple facets for surgical sharps, custom-tipped needles, and more.

Precision sharpening for critical applications with CNC and ECG grinding

Paragon Medical is a leading supplier of cutting instruments to the orthopaedic community worldwide, as well as a trusted supplier of custom sharps and needles. We achieve superior cutting performance through six- and seven-axis grinding, and can assist orthopaedic companies in the design and manufacturing of the finest cutting instruments, from reamers to rasps.

We also know that when it comes to sharps and needles for critical medical applications, the insertion force has to be perfect. That’s why it’s important to partner with a company that specializes in custom-tipped needle geometries to meet the penetration requirements for the intended procedure.

Paragon Medical can cut and grind many different planes on needles to micro sizes or with lengths up to 16 inches. Each needle design gets tested and experimented until it meets your exact force requirements. Depending on the design, workpieces go through CNC grinders that quickly turn around finely cut parts, and ECG grinders that can handle a variety of difficult to cut materials as well as stainless steel and medical alloys, without burrs or heat-induced imperfections. These efficient ECG grinders can handle unique geometries and manipulate up to 200 needles in one pass. ECG grinders can handle wire diameters less than 1mm, workpieces requiring multiple cuts, and parts for highly specialized applications.

Precision sharpening applications

Paragon Medical uses precision sharpening with CNC grinders and ECG grinders for high quality components and products including:

  • Cutting instruments such as reamers and diamond tooth broaches/rasps
  • Custom-tipped needles to precise penetration forces
  • Surgical sharps for specialty needle applications
  • Adding slots, planes, ground-points, side ports or features into a needle
Precision sharpening: CNC grinders and ECG grinders