Paragon Medical Environmental Policy

Protecting Our Environment

Paragon Medical is committed to the responsible management of environmental resources through all aspects of production and business. As a global industry leader, Paragon Medical is aware that business activity can have adverse effects on climate, ecological systems, and public health. Recognizing this, Paragon will continuously improve our environmental performance, promoting environmental stewardship, and complying with environmental legislation on all organizational levels.

Through the integration of Lean management, safe technologies and recycling, Paragon Medical strives to minimize pollution and waste, conserve resources and support renewable energy resources. As part of this commitment, Paragon Medical consistently endeavors to identify and purchase environmentally preferable supplies and services for all our daily operational needs and company activities where economically feasible.

Paragon Medical believes that every individual shares equally in protecting global resources. To help facilitate our environmental objectives, Paragon Medical educates and empowers employees and staff regarding their part in promoting a healthy environment and community. These efforts extend to suppliers and contractor relationships. Paragon Medical also encourages contractors and suppliers serving or otherwise acting on behalf of the organization to meet our standards of environmental commitment.

Our goal is to continually improve our environmental performance and to initiate additional activities and projects that will further reduce our impacts on the airways, waterways, and land. A healthy environment benefits this generation, as well as subsequent future generations. Therefore, the Paragon Medical commitment to environmental stewardship is perpetual.

Employee Awareness and Involvement

It is essential to the implementation of this policy that all employees are aware of the critical part they play in conserving the Earth’s resources. Therefore, all employees, management and staff will receive a copy of this policy and additional information about Paragon Medical expectations regarding environmental goals and strategies. At every level of this Organization, employees shall be actively involved in maintaining our goals.