Keep production time and vendor counts to a minimum with in-house production tooling resources and design expertise that helps your precision part gets to market faster while keeping costs low.

Eliminate project setbacks with in-house, custom tooling design and manufacturing

With other medical parts manufacturers, creating custom components requires custom tools, like metal stamping dies, that often delay the project and drive up costs because they outsource their toolmaking and design. At Paragon Medical, we don’t believe your project should be delayed due to production tooling needs. When a job needs custom production tooling, we design, fabricate and debug your tool in-house. Our full-service machine shop uses 2D and 3D simulation software and CNC and EDM equipment to create both the dies and the secondary tools to make your custom toolset a reality.

Production tooling for custom components
In-house tooling and CAD tooling

In-house production and secondary tooling

Paragon Medical makes both production and secondary tooling in-house. Our full service machine shop builds the hardware needed to create your part using highly developed Class A toolsets. Our goal is to help you reduce the number of vendors you work with while ensuring you get the custom products and components you need quickly.