Prevent contamination and corrosion, and improve your component’s reliability in the field with a quality finish.

Increase reliability and performance with the right finish

Paragon Medical offers a complete range of passivation services to make sure critical components remain clean and corrosion-resistant. These include aqueous, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning processes. Because even stainless steel can gather impurities during machining, we use ASTM A967-compliant automated passivation processes to remove impurities and protect against corrosion, including Nitric 3 treatment which is particularly effective for hard-to-clean round and tubular medical components.

Micro-size components also cannot have excess surface material around their complex geometries. We use advanced electropolishing techniques to remove unwanted metal to tolerances of 20 to 40 microns to provide a uniform surface finish for the entire part.

And because many precision metal components and medical products may need added strength or hardening for use in high-reliability applications, Paragon Medical offers top-quality heat treatment services. This comprehensive range of in-house secondary operations makes us a one-stop resource for your entire precision parts production.

Competitive advantages

Paragon Medical has a wide variety of capabilities and processes that can help you achieve the finish you need, including:

  • Aqueous, ultrasonic, vapor cleaning processes
  • Reducing surface roughness, by removing 20 to 40 microns of excess material
  • Heat treatment to improve hardness or machinability
  • ASTM A967 validation for Nitric 2 & Nitric 3
  • Citric passivation
  • One-stop process
Passivation and metal component finishing