Create well-defined features for challenging parts with laser technology that includes laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, and laser ablation.

Medical laser processing

When it comes to producing tiny, intricate parts for  demanding medical applications, conventional machining often comes with constraints. Finding a manufacturer that can efficiently produce well-defined features isn’t easy.

By adding a laser cutting head to our multi-tool Swiss CNC machines, Paragon Medical can create finely processed long and small-diameter, burr-free parts with sharp edges — even from hard-to-work-with materials. Laser machining often reduces production to just one setup, and provides quick changeovers to accommodate small lot sizes. Device manufacturers can reduce the number of vendors for their machine while realizing designs that are too challenging for most other metal part suppliers.

And if your part calls for ablation, we’ll create the hardware and perform all the programming in house to make it happen. Our expertise in creating precision metal parts and other components and products for medical equipment also makes us perfect for quality laser etching and marking on long, tubular components, plus reliable laser welding.

We specialize in creating close tolerance parts such as hypodermic tubing and, along with our fully array of medical manufacturing capabilities, we can create the highest qualify components for medical and surgical instruments, robots, drug delivery systems, implantables, and more.

Competitive advantages of laser precision machining

Paragon Medical offers comprehensive laser technology for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing needs. Our equipment includes a custom-built, large-format laser cutter, a dual-source laser system (fiber and CO2) for machining plastics and special alloys, and an internal tooling department to develop laser ablation hardware.

  • Machined parts and features produced using more tools, simultaneous operation and quick changeover
  • Rapid production times and lower operational costs
  • Modern equipment eliminates secondary welding, marking and cutting processes
  • High-quality laser etching and marking of tubular components
  • Laser machining (holes, slots, recesses, pockets and spiral features)
  • Machined features (threading, knurling, milling, high-speed grinding)
  • Machined features with accuracies down to 0.0001” rods and tubes
  • Full-scale internal tooling department to develop ablation hardware
  • Dual-source lasers (fiber and CO2) for machining plastics and special alloys
  • Laser interlock features
Laser cutting for precision metal components