Design and manufacture custom, mini and micro cylindrical, symmetrical high-volume parts with-geometries to complex and precise tolerances. Cold forming produces precision components with reduced scrap, tight tolerances, and increased material strength.

Cold forming is the application of force with a punch to a metal blank staged in a die. As the name implies, this method of forming is achieved by force alone, forgoing the application of additional heat or cutting and shearing, producing up to a 70% cost reduction on scrap, high yield rates with tight tolerances, keeping critical and close tolerances in high volumes over time, increased material strength and parts that are 100% net shape.

Paragon Medical offers state-of-the-art cold forming, cold heading, roll forming, EDM, OMNI, tapping and finishing technologies. We can custom design and manufacture components to your specifications in a variety of plating and alloy materials for parts. The tighter the geometry, the more complex the design, and the more difficult the material, the more valuable our services are.

Micro cold forming for medical components