The Advantages Of A Manufacturing Partner With A Global Presence

In today’s world, businesses constantly seek ways to expand their reach and enhance their competitiveness. One of the most effective strategies is to partner with manufacturing companies with an established global presence like Paragon Medical.

Collaborations like these offer a variety of advantages, ranging from access to diverse markets to streamlined supply chains and heightened innovation potential. By being able to manufacture in the part of the world where your team plans to launch a product, the entire process can be more economical.

In this blog post, we delve into the transformative benefits of having a manufacturing partner with a global footprint, shedding light on how this partnership can propel businesses toward sustained growth and success in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

5 Benefits Of Partnering With A Globally Positioned Manufacturer

Access To Diverse Markets

Partnering with a manufacturing company with a global presence grants access to a wide range of markets worldwide, enabling businesses to expand their customer base beyond domestic borders.

Supply Chain Resilience

A global manufacturing partner offers a more resilient and robust supply chain, reducing the risk of disruptions due to geopolitical issues, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events. Working with a contract development and manufacturing organization like Paragon Medical means you don’t have the stress of coordinating with multiple CDMOs, as we have facilities available worldwide to utilize.

Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturing partners with a global presence are often well-versed in various regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with local laws and standards.

Localized Production Support

With manufacturing facilities strategically located in different regions, businesses can engage in localized production, meeting the specific demands and preferences of diverse markets efficiently with technological expertise.

In addition to production, engineering, customer service, and operations support are also streamlined, as you can easily collaborate with the entire team in the same time zone. This type of support enables collaboration on-site for brainstorming sessions, as well as design and product reviews.


Collaborating with a global manufacturing partner opens up opportunities for unique partnerships and alliances, fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and market expansion initiatives in the regions where products are being launched.

Partnership Example: Invibio Collaborates with Paragon Medical

Invibio Biomaterial Solutions (part of Victrex plc) approached Paragon Medical due to our expertise in manufacturing with a global footprint as well as our convenient location in China. As part of our relationship, Invibio shares their knowledge in their composite processes, so Paragon Medical can implement those processes for them in-house.

In addition, Paragon Medical shares our own expertise in manufacturing to help them improve their production process.

“With a broad operating footprint in Europe, China and America, Paragon Medical are an attractive company to work with, dealing with evolving supply chain strategies within the medical device industry.”
– Jakob Sigurdsson, CEO of Victrex

Benefit #5 Supply Chain Resilience

You can count on Paragon Medical as your strategic partner in medical device manufacturing, offering an end-to-end supply chain solution from initial concept and product development, to verification and validation testing, to final production, assembly, and ongoing strategic demand planning.

Discover how you can experience a consistently remarkable partnership through Paragon Medical’s differentiated and personalized solutions designed to exceed your expectations every time.