Paragon Medical – Bloomingdale

Previously: LaVezzi Precision

250 Madsen Drive
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Phone: 800.323.1772
Fax: 847.349.5779

Certifications / Registrations

ISO 13485:2016
FDA Registered
Certification PDFs

Product Types

Heart pump components
Cardiovascular components
Endoscopic instruments & components

Microsurgical system components
Orthopaedic implants, screws, anchors & plates
Dental implants, drills & burs

Key Capabilities

5-axis milling
Swiss lathes

Design assistance
Engineering support
X-ray fluorescence testing

Environmental Commitment

Our Bloomingdale location is an early adopter of environmentally friendly processes. A central electrostatic precipitator continuously filters the plant air and we contain, rescue and reuse oil, resulting in an exceptionally clean production floor, reduced costs and less waste. In addition, we use a distillation process that allows us to recycle our solvents.

Another technique we employ is green passivation, using citric rather than nitric acid. Citric acid is equal to, and in some cases superior to, nitric acid for passivation, but is far safer to dispose of and healthier for our employees. We’ve also started a paper recycling program to benefit local schools.

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